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Wub and a lighthouse
My new OC Wub
Story by :iconbenji-blacksky:

Wub was surprised by the sudden appearance of the stranger from the black coast. She had visited there long ago, but in those times the area was uninhabited. The traveling mage was resting against a lighthouse, supporting even her giant frame.

The stranger had been enticed at first by the sight of her giant, round rear, pressed against the lighthouse's base. The sight excited him for a reason he didn't want to share, but the shiny, beautiful brown spheres were not nearly as beautiful as the face of the supposed giantess, or as exciting as her jiggling chest.

"What brings you here, little man?" Wub asked gently, offering a hand for the stranger to walk on.

The coast's native walked on to it, staring at her and smiling. "I wished to see who you were. I have never seen a giant."

"Oh, how flattering. You sound almost as sweet as you look."

"You like how I look?"

Wub nodded, a teasing smile on her face. "You're cute enough to eat. In fact..." Wub took the stranger in her other hand and held him aloft by his shirt. Picking him up over her mouth, she opened wide, giving him a view of her pearly white teeth and large, pink tongue. The void that led to her esophagus was also present, threatening to take the stranger within.

Fearfully, the stranger struggled, though it somehow excited him, something that Wub sensed he might like.

Then, without warning, Wub let him go and waited until she felt him land upon her tongue, tasting him briefly before he slided down her tongue into her throat.

The consumed male fell, going down towards her stomach, until he felt himself somehow fall onto Wub's hand. "Huh?"

Wub pointed above the male, showing a small, pink portal. "Teleportation spell. I placed it upon you, though it was time delayed....Did you enjoy the ride?"

The young coastman was stunned, not believing the experience, or how cute Wub's smile was as she looked at him.
And thank you all who was with me this fading year. Thanks to all who commissioned me, who simply gave some moral support, and thanks who inspired me. Of course, sometimes I was talking too long with many things. Working too slow or taking to long with my works and commissions. (I may take long but I NEVER forget.) Usually its stuff like 'real life issues' which always distract me from my art but time to time its my poor self-organizing skills. I was drawing and posting much much longer than I hoped to (4 years) but I still feel like a n00b hehe. I want to become a pro-artist. And I think I know on what parts I should concentrate on in order to achive it. Hope I can deal with it in a future and before the next year runs out lol.

I still want to restart my Strongheart Ask blog. And Im currently working on it(I shall post some previews)! There are also few comics I making for sale. They taking longer than I thought simply because I work on them all at once, its sort of hard to concentrate on one at the time hehe. But no worries, they are not gonna be expensive and I still gonna make free comics is well. Most of them will be fan-art based(MLP, Teen Titans, Pokemon). Also I need to be more active with my Patreon hehe. But first I gotta find a new part-time job next month if I want to make the ends meet lol.

I have to mention that its fun being a secret santa). In my GIFTART gallery you can see some of pictures I made for others this holidays season. By some I mean some people prefer that I dont post their gifts. Oh well, I dont really mind. I still working on other giftarts, so if some who hasnt got one you still can be lucky. Thou Im not gonna draw gifts for all. I dont have that much time, sorry ^^'.

Lastly, there will be a big project next year. At least me and several other people making preporations for it. Im not gonna spoil what its going to be. Better say there is point on building up your hopes so soon. Not until we make sure that will can pull it off. So do expect any more info are updates in the next couple of month. All I can say now is that we starting working on it and that if we suceed it will be awesome!

Im about to reach 100,000 views on my DEAVIANT page!
The group CHUBBY FURS now have a new banner which was designed by me)!

Once again, thank you all for you kindness and patience! And I wishing you more happy moments and inspiration in next years! Cheers!
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Weasel King
Love art, ladies, boobs, airplains and literature.

Open for Commissions: traditional, digital, comics and animations.

Also I LOVE art TRADE! If you can draw for me, I can draw for YOU…if Im not too busy.

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